Marsh McLennan

Rethinking Flood

Flooding is the most pervasive among natural disasters, yet its costs are routinely underestimated. As climate change, economic and demographic trends, and a chronic shortfall in investment in resilience combine to drive risk higher, it is time to rethink our approach to flood risk.

Rethinking Flood is a series of publications examining the implications of flooding for corporates, governments, and society. It is accompanied by the Marsh McLennan Flood Risk Index, leveraging research from international organizations and academic institutions to provide a global overview of flood risk and its potential implications on human and economic systems.

Sunk Costs: The Socioeconomic Impacts of Flooding is the first report in the series, analyzing the current state of flood risk globally, its economic and societal consequences, and the role of insurance in protecting the most vulnerable.

Subsequent publications in the series will discuss the impacts of flooding on businesses, explore the consequences of climate change, and set out a new agenda for building national and corporate resilience in a warmer, and wetter, world.



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Marsh McLennan Flood Risk Index

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