Allison Pan

Senior Vice President, Emerging Risks, Marsh

As a senior vice president in the Emerging Risks Group, Allie is responsible for helping clients understand their strategic risks, especially in nascent and complex peril classes such as cyber, climate, violent threats, and supply and value chains. Allie specializes in the ways in which peril classes converge or are interdependent. This enables her clients to assess their risks in gray areas that are difficult to capture in traditional risk analysis.

Prior to joining Marsh, Allie served as a vice president within JLT’s Emerging Risks Group.  Previously, Allie was a strategy and operations consultant at Deloitte Consulting, specializing in helping federal agency and private sector clients with supply chain strategy, supply chain risk triage and optimization, and digital supply chain transformation. Prior to Deloitte, Allie served as an active duty intelligence officer in the US Army.  As a senior intelligence analyst for Army Headquarters, she advised senior Army leaders, including the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff of the Army, on emerging global crises.  Allie is a sought-after speaker and respected author of scholarly articles on critical and emerging strategic risks.