Greg Rattray

Principal, Cyber Risk Management and Cyber Defense, Oliver Wyman

Gregory Rattray, PhD., is a Principal on Cyber Risk Management and Cyber Defense for Oliver Wyman and Partner and Co-Founder of Next Peak.

As JP Morgan Chase CISO Greg established the JPMC cyber defense strategy and program, and as head of Global Cyber Partnerships he led key industry initiatives including establishment of the Financial Cyber Profile and the Financial Systemic Analysis and Resiliency Center. Prior to JPMC, Dr. Rattray was founding partner and CEO of Delta Risk LLC, a cybersecurity risk management consulting firm focused on addressing advanced cyber threats. He served as the ICANN Chief Internet Security Advisor from 2007-2010. He has also served as Director for Cybersecurity in the White House, commanded the Operations Group of the Air Force Information Warfare Center, pioneered the Department of Defense (DoD) and US national cyber exercise programs, and initiated AF and DoD partnership with defense industry. He is a thought leader, author, and currently an adjunct professor at Columbia University.