Joerg Staeglich

Partner, Utilities, Oliver Wyman

As head of Oliver Wyman's Utilities Practice in continental Europe and a partner in the Munich office with more than 11 years’ experience in his field, Joerg is passionate about renewable energy.

Renewable energy systems are sought out by societies. This changes the whole ecosystems for all utilities involved: energy will remain a space where political and technological disruptions meet, so we are working in one of the most challenging places for strategy and transformation.

Joerg specializes in corporate and business unit strategies, organizational and management concepts, designing and enhancing CFO-suites, restructuring and M&A.

A long-distance runner at heart, Joerg this year finished both the Zugspitz Ultratrail and the OCC/UTMB showing he has what it takes to go the distance. His clients seek him out for his ability to work closely with them to provide bespoke solutions to unique problems.

I was raised by a fine artist and a military general – I suppose that's made be able to see the world from a wide variety of perspectives! I have what I'd call an 'opposable mind’ and that's really helpful for getting right into the heart of the specific problems of all of my clients. We link strategy, operations and finance in our consulting practice with a deep understanding of utilities on each step of the value chain. We help our clients to become true game changers.