Samuel Koh

Research Analyst, Marsh McLennan Advantage

Samuel Koh is a Singapore-based Research Analyst with Marsh McLennan Advantage. In his role, Samuel explores society’s most complex challenges and more specifically the intersections between emerging risks, and innovations in infrastructure. His work has been used to advise policymakers and business leaders on the longer-term trends, hidden opportunities and unforeseen challenges of emerging and evolving risks on current and expected national and organizational performance.

He has made key contributions to several thought leading publications with the latest being the 2019 World Energy Trilemma Index for the 24th World Energy Congress and other publications in the transformative technologies and workforce for the future space.

Prior to joining Marsh McLennan Advantage, Insights, Samuel completed his Bachelor of Science – Double Major in Economics and Finance from Singapore Management University.

Outside of work, he enjoys architectural photography and a good game of foosball.