Mental Health at Work 2018: Seizing the Momentum

The scale of the challenge, and what can employers do to support staff well-being

The third Mental Health at Work Report 2018 by Business in the Community, in conjunction with Mercer, finds that awareness of mental health in the workplace has increased, with 60% of employees saying they feel their line manager is concerned for their wellbeing (up from 55% in 2016).

Despite this, just 16% felt able to disclose a mental health issue to their manager (up from 13% in 20172)

This means that whilst employers may be concerned and genuinely trying to make it better for their people, the increased investment for the majority of employers is failing to address the issue.

Read the Mental Health at Work report to better understand this challenge for employers and how you can support your employees’ holistic wellbeing more effectively.

Mental Health at Work 2018: Seizing the Momentum