Health Innovation Journal Volume 4

Inevitable and inspiring future truths to anticipate by 2030

This year is a turning point for our lives. In this fourth edition of the Health Innovation Journal we've highlighted bold ideas we believe will become reality given the current innovation trajectory – one shaped by both unexpected solutions born from an unprecedented crisis as well as fundamental shifts well underway. This collection of articles reflects the latest perspectives from thought leaders within our Health and Life Sciences practice and beyond, all at the frontlines of industry-wide transformation. 

These unprecedented times haven’t revealed new flaws in our healthcare system. They’ve simply further exposed the structural failings that have existed for a long time – the weak spots that we’ve been papering over, rather than truly fixing. They’ve also revealed new opportunities to move faster and engage consumers on their terms rather than ours.
Sam Glick, Partner and Leader of the Health Innovation Center, Oliver Wyman

This Journal aims to dive into some of the greatest future truths of tomorrow to help leaders predict how different industry sectors must adapt in time. You’ll find articles across a plethora of topics, including: care access, supply and demand, the future workforce, genomics, and artificial intelligence. Our hope is these perspectives will shape tomorrow’s leading innovations and spark new ideas in the minds of you – our community – who is driving them.

Health Innovation Journal Volume 4