Mind the Gap: Best Practices in 1st Party Cyber Coverage for Energy, Power, and Renewables

Energy, power, and renewable companies are among the most frequently targeted industries for cyber attacks. Because all segments of the energy sector are part of a complex supply chain, energy and power companies are especially prone to operational disruptions from cyber exposures, which can result in substantial financial losses, fines, and liability issues.

Cyber risks represent a clear threat to the sector – yet, 65% of energy and power organizations find it difficult to keep up with evolving cyber exposures according to the 2019 Marsh Microsoft Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey. Is your business taking steps to combat these evolving cyber threats?

Watch the replay below to hear Marsh's cyber experts discuss best practices in minimizing cyber coverage gaps, including:

  • Optimal cyber insurance placement strategies.
  • Key challenges and tactics in property insurance placement strategies
  • Potential losses and claims resulting from cyber events
  • Nuances of cyber risk for energy, power, and renewable businesses.
  • Actionable steps to secure, insure, and recover from cyber events.

Best Practices in 1st Party Cyber Coverage For Energy, Power, and Renewables