Paying the Minimum

Adjusting for a change in the United States Federal minimum wage

Although many of the largest organizations are paying $15 per hour, on average, or are in process of getting to this rate, there are just as many employers paying at or slightly above the required hourly minimum wage rate. As Mercer continued to pulse organizations on the topic of a $15 per hour wage, for the initial two surveys, retailers consistently responded to the question of a $15 per hour wage saying, “We will wait and see what is required.” In the Mercer Global Talent Trends report of 2020, data collected prior to the pandemic taking hold, 63% of HR leaders predicted wage stagnation would continue in 2020.[1] As Mercer saw an uptick in questions about the federal minimum wage, a 2021 Mercer survey showed employers had changed their focused when asked, “List in order of importance changes your organization would consider if the federal minimum wage is increased to $15/hour.”



Paying the Minimum