Global Risks for Infrastructure: The Technology Challenge

Technological innovation is reimagining the possibilities for the built environment, challenging infrastructure investors and operators alike to pre-empt disruption and actively seek fresh margins.

The infrastructure landscape is becoming more crowded and uncertain, with new technologies creating alternatives and substitutes to previously essential and monopolistic services. As competition heats up over new opportunities, investors and operators may find themselves misallocating capital and mispricing risk. Therefore, any business seeking to maximize return on investment will require a rigorous understanding of the implications of today’s disruptive innovations.

This report is the final installment in a three-part analysis produced by Marsh & McLennan Advantage, in partnership with the Global Infrastructure Investor Association, on the global risks facing infrastructure investors. It explores the changing technological environment for the infrastructure sector and sets out key imperatives for investors and operators to mitigate risks and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

The first part of this series, the 2020 Global Risks for Infrastructure Map, broadly illustrated the risk landscape for today’s infrastructure sector. The second, Global Risks for Infrastructure: The Climate Challenge, provided specific recommendations for investors looking to protect against environmental risks on the horizon.

Global Risks for Infrastructure: The Technology Challenge