Climate Health Threat Illustrator

Climate change is a growing health crisis. How can the health sector respond?

Climate change is increasing health risks and costs for people and businesses worldwide — and its effects will intensify over time. Disease burden and disparities are likely to worsen, and 2 out of 3 major cities expect climate change to seriously compromise their public health assets and services.

Societies and businesses – including healthcare and life sciences – face more frequent and severe disruptions from shocks (such as heatwaves and floods) as well as accumulating strains on capacity and finances from more gradual stresses (such as sea level-rise). Urgent action is needed to build resilience and reduce emissions.

Explore the Climate Health Threat Illustrator:

  • How does climate change impact the health of populations?
  • What are the implications for healthcare, life sciences, employers, and policy makers?
  • How can the health sector respond to risks and opportunities?

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