Evolving for the New Shape of Work

According to HR Leaders, the top three challenges to delivering on their transformation agenda today are:

  1.  Workforce exhaustion.
  2. Employee change fatigue.
  3. Too many competing priorities. 

When looking at these challenges, as outlined in our Global Talent Trends report, we have to ask - have we figured out how to do this hybrid or remote working right? Have we really embedded health and well-being into our work agenda? And, what's the path forward to making sure that the future of work is being realized in a sustainable way?

In this episode, David Henderson Group CHRO at Zurich Insurance joins Kate Bravery to discuss how the future of work has shifted during the pandemic; the critical role that upskilling and reskilling play in having an organization that can perform today and stay relevant tomorrow; and the role of psychological safety as they build toward work sustainability.