Healthy Societies Handbook


When asked to lead a large initiative on advancing healthy societies for Marsh McLennan, I jumped at the opportunity. As CEO of Mercer – a firm whose purpose is to make a difference in peoples’ lives – it seemed not only to make perfect business sense, but is also an area of critical urgency, as the entire world grapples with how to pull ourselves out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I believe healthy societies start by promoting the health of the individuals within that society.  

That means providing beneficial environments for people to live and work, as well as access to affordable healthcare, jobs that provide financial security and inclusive spaces for everyone – all through sustainable means that protect people and the planet. 

At Mercer, we see the value delivered by the private and public sectors working in partnership to address current and future health concerns. Investing in science, in technologies that allow for more accessible and affordable health care, and in systems and climate choices that support healthy living will ensure better health outcomes for everyone.

This collection of articles and interviews with Marsh McLennan experts examines a number of trends, opportunities and challenges relating to the role of business in building healthy societies. I hope that you find these perspectives as insightful and thought provoking as I do.


Martine Ferland

President and Chief Executive Officer, Mercer 
Vice Chair, Marsh McLennan 
Leader, Marsh McLennan Healthy Societies Initiative