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Amelia Woltering

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Richard Smith-Bingham
Executive Director
Based in London, Richard leads the Insights team for Marsh McLennan Advantage. Focusing on climate resilience, cyber resilience, healthy societies, innovations in infrastructure, transformative technologies and workforce for the future, the team draws on the unique expertise of MMC and its networks to identify breakthrough perspectives and solutions to society’s most complex challenges.
Blair Chalmers
Managing Director, Innovations in Infrastructure
Based in Singapore, Blair leads the Marsh McLennan Advantage agenda for innovations in infrastructure. He believes the topic of infrastructure financing and development is a dynamic dialogue driven by the interplay between climate change, the low carbon agenda, technological advancement and evolving societal demands.
Kavitha Hariharan
Director, Healthy Societies
Based in Singapore, Kavitha leads the societal aging and health agenda for Marsh McLennan Advantage Insights under the banner of healthy societies. She explores long-term trends, risks and opportunities in enhancing wellness and addressing illness as populations age and healthcare expenditures soar across the world.
Ben Hoster
Director, Transformative Technologies
Ben is a Director with the Marsh McLennan Advantage Insights team leading the organization’s Transformative Technologies agenda. In this role, Ben explores longer-term trends, hidden opportunities and the unforeseen implications of rapidly evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and blockchain for Marsh McLennan clients and, more broadly, societies across the globe.
Swenja Surminski
Managing Director, Climate and Sustainability
Swenja is responsible for leading Marsh McLennan’s thought leadership on climate and sustainability in partnership with the Company’s deep bench of climate talent across its four businesses. Knowledgeable on both the physical impacts and the net-zero transition agenda, she is a leading international expert on climate change, resilience and disaster risk management with a special focus on risk financing, insurance and risk governance in a broader sustainability context.