Facing the Climate Challenge


The next decade represents one of the most important moments in history to make the shifts in investment and business models needed to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C and prepare for a warmer world. As the leader in the complex and increasingly interconnected dynamics around risk, strategy, and people, Marsh McLennan is helping our clients embed climate change strategies into every aspect of their businesses, from navigating the transition to a resilient, low-carbon economy to managing the physical risks associated with extreme weather events.

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We help capital providers and corporations to understand and quantify climate risks, leading to better investment, lending and CAPEX decisions. We work with businesses and financial institutions to set and execute low-carbon transition strategies that collectively chart a path to net-zero. And we advise our clients on how to prepare, engage and empower their workforces in order to execute the profound transformations required.

We have been advising the world’s leading companies for 150 years, through periods of huge turbulence and upheaval. We understand that catastrophic climate change – and the speed and scale of transformation needed to avoid it – threaten disruption unlike anything that has come before. Marsh McLennan is helping its clients navigate a path from risk to opportunity, and we believe that Risk, Strategy and People will be the key to progress and to competitive advantage.

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Highlighted reports and articles from across the business

De-Risking the Transition

An article series exploring the risks preventing investment in transformational low-carbon tech and business models — and how to overcome

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Improving Your Company’s ESG Performance

Practical strategies for publicly listed and private companies to improve their ESG performance and rating.

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Natural Catastrophe Protection Gap

Collaboration between the public and private-sector insurance industry is vital to the protection gap in Asia

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A Case of Impact Investing

Investors are increasingly opting to go beyond ESG considerations to support positive change through impact investing

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The Decade of Delivery

Companies’ impacts on climate and nature are linked – and need to be addressed in collaboration with their value chain

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Getting Going

For businesses to get going, they must lead with strategy, not measurement, in order to facilitate the big shifts we need

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Embracing Nature

This report outlines the importance of the nature agenda and the different risks that companies face

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Podcasts, webinars and videos

Finance Sector Must Lead Way To Lower CO2 Emissions

Episode 3 shares a compelling vision for an aggressive action to meet the UN’s sustainability goals to lower C02 output and mitigate the worst effects of climate change

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Deep Connections (ESG and Risk Management)

Dive into the environmental, social, and governance risks for technology companies and the importance of a strong risk mitigation framework around them

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Is Climate Change to Blame for Increasing Losses?

Evidence indicates that climate change is only one factor in increasing insured losses. Experts share their insights on this complex issue

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Regenerate and Restore

In this episode, a discussion about the recent Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) paper for investors on the circular economy

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The Hype around Hydrogen - Part 2

The Energy Current Podcast series continues its discussion regarding hydrogen's role in a clean energy future

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From Targeting Inaction to Ineffective Action

Climate litigation has broadened to include disingenuous climate committments and greenwashing

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