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Sentrisk: Achieve breakthrough risk outcomes

A cutting-edge platform

Sentrisk™ is an AI-powered platform which integrates best-in-market data capabilities and infuses 150+ years of Marsh McLennan risk expertise to empower companies to take control of their supply chain risk.

Learn more in our video.

A cutting-edge platform

Sentrisk™ is an AI-powered platform which integrates best-in-market data capabilities and infuses 150+ years of Marsh McLennan risk expertise to empower companies to take control of their supply chain risk.

Learn more in our video.

Smarter decisions, better outcomes

Sentrisk’s modular and nimble platform delivers powerful intelligence so you can:

  • Build real resilience: Adopt proactive risk management, minimizing business interruption risk
  • Recover faster: Reduce downtime, poor customer outcomes, and lost revenue
  • Protect what matters: Optimize risk transfer with better options, prices, and coverage
  • Report with confidence: Share contextualized risk reports with internal and external stakeholders
  • Embed capabilities: Save significant manual effort through repeatable and scalable tools and processes
Unlocking the power of Perspective

Risk Transfer
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  • Enhanced property submission
  • Improved coverage for your supplier risks

Risk and Resilience
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  • Business continuity planning
  • Network resilience
  • Enterprise risk management

Compliance and ESG
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  • ESG reporting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reputational risk

Financial Services
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  • Portfolio risk management
  • Stress-testing
  • Credit decisioning

Powerful intelligence at your fingertips
Designed for risk professionals

We are passionate about solving problems. This is the reason behind our immediately intuitive interfaces and our transparent and customizable modelling.

Cutting-edge data capabilities

Our platform’s supply chain mapping AI capabilities allows for a faster and more seamless fusion of data, whether it’s yours, ours, or from a wide range of trusted providers.

Marsh and Oliver Wyman expertise

We take the best thinking from two companies with risk in our DNA, deploying our capabilities and perspectives through a combined force of 52,000 colleagues.

Showcasing the power of Sentrisk
Learn more from our case studies 
We helped an automotive company identify supply chain vulnerabilities and take action to become more resilient by revealing previously unknown upstream supplier exposures for critical components. As a result, the client changed sourcing strategies in high‑risk areas and developed targeted contingency plans.
Packaging, Paper, and Recycling
We helped a packaging, paper, and recycling firm understand deforestation risk in its supply chain by identifying upstream suppliers and sourcing areas and then assessing historical deforestation around each high-risk supplier site. Consequently, the client could identify and monitor high-risk areas and suppliers and take appropriate mitigating actions.
Food & Beverage
We helped a beverage company support both long-term resilience and disclosure requirements under TCFD through assessing individual site-level climate-related physical risk and regional-level hazard exposure. Ultimately, this supported an integrated resilience strategy and provided outputs for disclosure requirements.
Retail and Commercial Bank
We helped a global retail and commercial bank identify corporate clients’ climate-related risks across its client portfolio. Sentrisk enabled an asset-level physical risk assessment, with a detailed report for each client, and helped to define an end-to-end credit process, including calibration, cutoffs, and high-risk actions.
What are clients saying?

"This is showing us things we never thought possible."

— Global packaging company

"The other players in the market are very specialized. The ability to bring this together is truly unique."

— Global automotive company

"Seeing our data come to life with this platform is honestly amazing."

— European fashion retailer

Bringing the best of Marsh and Oliver Wyman together
Meet our team 
John Davies
Sentrisk Commercial Director
John has global experience leading teams and solving complex client challenges. He has spent 35 years in the insurance industry, starting his career as an insurance underwriter. Since joining Marsh in 1997, he has held leadership roles in client management, industry specialization, risk management consulting, risk analytics, and claims.
Jonathan Lee
Sentrisk Co-Founder
Jonathan brings cutting-edge digital capabilities and transformation techniques to help clients achieve lasting strategic change. Jonathan applies a holistic approach to organizational transformation, weaving together the strategic, cultural, and structural conditions required to achieve breakthrough results at scale.
Amy Barnes
Sentrisk Co-Founder
Amy has a wealth of experience in risk management with over 20 years in the industry. She leads Marsh’s global strategy on the development of climate and sustainability-related initiatives for clients, particularly in relation to the impact of a changing physical risk landscape, improving access to capital for green initiatives, and a more thorough understanding of climate-related project risk.
Cory Cruser
Sentrisk Product Director
Cory is a leader of customer-led transformation and has over 15 years of experience on data insights and digital execution. He has designed and shaped some of the world’s most iconic brands and experiences due to his unique ability to merge the digital and physical world, creating incredible customer journeys.
James Crask
Sentrisk Advisory Lead
James has over 20 years of experience in helping clients across sectors manage disruption through resilience. He has previously worked for the UK Cabinet Office and supported Ministers in responding to national emergencies in COBR, and has authored multiple books on supply chain management.
Lance Daniels
Sentrisk Operations Director
Lance has over a decade of experience in strategy and management consultancy, with a focus on digital design, capabilities and financial services. Lance is passionate about making companies more digital and more customer-oriented, and has helped design, build and launch customer-centric propositions and entities across Europe and the Americas.
Irina Iovita
Sentrisk Commercial Lead
Irina has 11 years of experience across consulting and venture building, having previously run multiple ventures. She has expertise in value proposition development, using ‘customer first’ techniques to identify, test, validate and implement digital-led propositions, and in venture building: building and leading new digital offerings, from ideation to commercial scale.