How are corporations responding to climate change?

This article was first published by BRINK here.


This year, people across the United States and Europe experienced record-setting heat, harsh drought conditions, and wildfires, while Pakistan endured devastating floods, Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico, and a super typhoon flooded Japan.

With these extreme weather events in mind, we approach COP 27, the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Businesses have acknowledged their role in combatting climate change, but how much progress have they made? And what will they prioritize for the near future?

Join us for a fascinating discussion on the corporate response to climate change with Swenja Surminski, Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability at Marsh McLennan, Amy Barnes, Head of Climate and Sustainability at Marsh, and Cara Williams, Global Head of ESG and Sustainability at Mercer.

The conversation will reflect on the progress made since COP 26, consider the role of investors, and explore the challenges companies are facing as they navigate the changing geopolitical landscape and energy markets.