The Good Work Framework: A new business agenda for the future of work

As many employers and workers seek a “new normal” after the disruptions of the last few years, there is an opportunity to develop a new vision for the future of work. The Good Work Framework aims to help companies establish a new benchmark for job quality by providing a consistent and goal-oriented approach to the development of comprehensive people strategies and to guide measurable actions to promote good work. The Framework sets out five objectives and associated goals: 1. promote fair pay and social justice; 2. provide flexibility and protection; 3. deliver on health and well-being; 4. drive diversity, equity and inclusion; 5. foster employability and learning culture. There is a need to promote good work across the full post-pandemic landscape of in-person, hybrid and virtual work and covering all categories of employment. Seizing this opportunity will determine whether the post-pandemic recovery leads to positive outcomes for both business and for society at large and ensure a healthy, resilient and equitable future of work.

The Good Work Framework