Diversity and Inclusion in Construction

The construction industry faces a severe talent crunch, in part due to negative perceptions around its longstanding struggle to improve diversity and inclusion (D&I) in its workplaces. As D&I considerations continue to rise up boardroom agendas across the globe, contractors will need to step up their offerings if they are to win in the increasingly competitive war for talent.


In this series of short videos, Kelly Outram, Head of Global Contractor Development at Marsh JLT, is joined by Heather Colquhoun, Vice President, Talent at Aecon Group Inc., and Amos Simbo, founder of the Black Professionals in Construction Network, for an open conversation on successes, challenges, and opportunities for contractors’ D&I agendas.

Conversations and Stereotypes: Barriers to Progress in the Industry Today

The need for more diverse perspectives and open dialogue at all levels

How COVID-19 Has Changed Mindsets in Construction

Inclusivity through flexible schedules and remote interactions

Does Construction Face Unique Challenges in Promoting D&I?

Cultural and structural impediments to meaningful change

Learning From Successful D&I Initiatives

Employee resource groups, leadership at all levels, and diverse teams

What Are You and Your Organization Currently Focused on Addressing?

Supporting women and senior workers, overcoming inertia

How Can Businesses Help Further the D&I Agenda Beyond Working With Their Own Employees?

Realigning procurement practices, expanding partnerships, and leveraging cross-sector collaboration

Hopes for the D&I Agenda in Five Years

D&I embedded in workplace culture and adopted as an industry standard